Brace Yourself

Or not.  Yesterday I wrote about how scary a candidate Rick Perry can be.  Well, my old college roommate and a good friend of mine was kind enough to read and respond in kind.  Just to give you a back story, he is a staunch Republican and a proud officer in the Army and no, this is not the first time we’ve gotten into a disagreement about religion and politics.  Here is our back and forth on Facebook the past couple hours:

 Justin: Jay, your absolutely right. What we need is more of the left “kind of crazy.”. We can all live off the government. Wait, I know your worried about funding that so let’s vote more Harry Reids and Nancy Pelosi in and finally get the tax code right. You know, only the top 10% earners should really pay taxes because they are evil for making money and because it’s a God given right to have the US Government take care of you (wait, I can’t say God).
This way every kid can get his PHD paid for by the people and not work a day in his life. It will be great, Social Security for all at the age of 21(except the top 10% because we need “someone” to pay taxes).
You, and the others who think your way, have got to realize you give the President and Congress to much power. Do you really think our government creates jobs? Businesses create jobs. If Americans would quite waiting for the government to fix their lives they might be able to find a job and if government would just leave the private sector alone jobs may be created.
Back to your original point, the scary Gov Perry. Your facts are wrong on Gov Perry’s role in Texas. Texas has the fastest growing state economy for the last two years. As for praying, what is wrong with that? I mean really. Since when does freedom of religion not apply to a gov? Just because he is elected does he give up his right to practice his religion? Every time I go into combat I say a prayer. Does that bother you? Actually, every day I say a prayer for you, each American and my government. Does that somehow equal a inability to make sound decisions on my part?
Do you not realize that without Christianity the idea of the USA would be impossible? If you cant grasp that we’ll save that for another day.
Wake up brother. Rather than restating what you heard from Keith Olberman last night turn off the TV, spend time with you family and give your boss 100% tomorrow and quite blaming Washington for everything. 
    • Justin: Realized I left a few more things out. Let’s get back to education. It amazes me that we hold the governor responsible for the SAT scores of our kids. In the 12 years of education I had before taking the SAT I never once sat through a class taught by the Governor of Pa. Now, I did sleep through a few Chemistry classes (probably why i got poor grades in that class) that he could have made a surprise visit to. Between you and me I think ill teach my kids that i didn’t do well in Chemistry because the governor wasn’t to good. This way I don’t have to take responsibility for my actions back then. Let’s not forget the teachers. I am sure all the good governors are holding meeting and teacher conference calls with them every day, otherwise he just wouldn’t be doing a good job. So, I guess now the teachers are off the hook for any responsibility to teach. Thank god because the unions are worried we are going to hold them accountable. With your logic whenever a student fails to learn or a teacher fails to teach the only person to blame is the Governor. Let’s get to firing these governors!I am glad you brought up abortion. Using your stance I am unfit to serve in a public office because I am against abortion. But with the same argument I say you are unfit to serve because you are for it. During the civil rights movement it took a lot of protest and courage by a lot of people to change the laws of this nation to grant the same right to minorities as the majority enjoyed. Those that felt African Americans didn’t deserve the same rights thought anyone who disagreed was wrong and didn’t want them to serve. Those on Dr King’s side said they needed to keep pushing the issue until a change happened. I am sure glad he did. Even without religion I can say that life begins at conception. I saw my little boy at 16 weeks old and that was clearly a human. I truly believe that a nation who chooses to not protect it’s children will not survive. It is wrong that we allow people to kill a fetus but yet we send a person to jail for fighting dogs. Don’t misunderstand me, I do not believe in fighting dogs but how cam we say we are more civilized than our ancestors when we slaughter our children in the name of women’s rights?

      Lastly, gay marriage. I think you and I agree here. I say let them all marry. But I don’t want to stop there. Cause if two guys or two girls can marry then surly two guys and a girl can marry. Or better two girls, and a guy can marry. That’s still not far enough. I want first cousins to marry and have a lot of kids so that they can likely have to live off the state due to the medical issues.

      You see, in my world there are boundaries and responsibilities. Just because I can do something doesn’t mean it’s right. I challenge you to read Mere Christianity by CS Lewis. If your not afraid to challenge yourself and your beliefs.

      As always Jay, wish you the best and appreciate the chat. Love ya like a brother.

      8 hours ago ·
    • Jason HendryWell, that’s a lot to process at 3:45 but let me come back at ya: I never said it was the Governor’s fault for awful sat #’s but, the numbers fell under his watch. As the governor of the state, in theory he is in charge of hiring the right people for the education system. Obviously, something ain’t working and there was nothing done to change that. Of course this could go back to no child left behind, but that’s a whole other issue. We’ll never agree on abortion. I saw my daughter at the same time period and while it was cool, I wasn’t attached to her yet. What I saw was a fetus and thats that. Now I would do anything to protect her, but at 16 weeks or whenever I didn’t feel that way. I fully believe if two people love each other, than let them marry. Let them adopt kids and raise them in a loving family. I’ve seen and done too many stories about kids left for dead, abused, malnourished by “traditional” families. You were slightly over the top on the three-some and cousins point btw….
    • Jason HendryHey, if Warren Buffet, perhaps one of the smartest men in the world, believes that eraners like him need to pay more in taxes, why argue with him. I pay a higher percentage of tax than millionaires and billionaires do. How is that fair? I have no problem paying taxes, it is part of my duty and responsibility as an american citizen. If I was lucky enough to be that rich, then I would expect to pay more taxes. This is an issue that goes back ten years to Bush II. His tax cuts are still in effect and that’s flat out wrong. I understand where job creation comes from and it is never right to have the government as the biggest employer(same thing happening in CT). Corporations though don’t want to create jobs, they want to move jobs overseas and reap the benefits. They pay little to no taxes and take jobs away form americans, now how is that right? Yo ureally can’t lump me in and frankly I am insulted about your last statement. I despise Olbermann, he shoulda stuck to sports. I make up my own mind and views. I don’t let some talking head do it for me. I bust my ass for my boss and work two jobs most of the year to provide good things for my family. Please think more of me than that. While I may not be sacrificing myself for my country, I take my job no less serious than you. I love what I do and throw myself headfirst into it every day. I have never asked for a handout. I love working. I am still paying for my college, I pay for my house and car. I have never got a government hand out. Back to Perry, his job numbers are inflated because of the oil industry booming and part-time jobs(from Time Magazine). I have no issues with how people pray, just don’t bring it into my life. His answer to a drought was a weekend of pray. Not trying to figure out ways to control water uses or subsadies for farmers stricken by a record drought, but prayer and making a public declaration for it. (seperation of church and state is a suggestion i guess). Hell pray to a chicken for all i care. It doesn’t matter to me but I don’t want to hear it. He voted in favor of teaching creationism. It concerns me that people still believe this when every scientific fact proves otherwise. I can’t look at someone who wants to lead this country in the eye if they still belive that “god” created man and a women came from his rib, that’s fairy tale stuff.
    • Jason HendryThanks for reading though. We’ll never see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues but I am glad that we can discuss these things. You know how much love and respect I have for ya! Hope the fam’s doin good!

      Justin: I got news for you, any person filing their income tax can ask to pay more. Yep, at the end of the year you can write a bigger check to Uncle Sam and he will cash it. Hmmm, I wonder why Warren doesn’t do that? The progressive tax is flawed. Why do 46% of people here not have to pay anything? The Flat Tax or a National Sales tax would be better, fairer and we could get rid of a whole section of government. Actually, I think these should replace all the personal
      Income tax and leave business taxes to a system based on profits. As for companies leaving the country, heck, I don’t blame them. When all you hear from your government is how terrible you are and you should pay more why wouldn’t you go to other countries with arms wide open to you?
      Lastly cause I got to get going to work, there is more “scientific” proof to the existence of God than against it. But, I don’t believe because some scientist told me he found a bone. I believe because I know. That may not be enough for you, but I can’t explain it any differently. I just know.
      As for evolution, that is the biggest prank ever taught to the people. Com’on man, it’s theory.
      Since Evolution is just theory, then why can’t a challengig theory be taught? Let’s teach both until either Jesus comes back or the chimps take over the world.
      You know, I took Isaac to the zoo a couple weeks ago and we saw some chimps in a cage. Right in from of us they stood up on two feet, lost their hair, and walked right out. We had lunch together and talked about life.
      Take care bro.


      Scott BeaulieuAnd people sometimes ask me why I don’t like to talk about politics with friends and family…  
    • Brian DelachThat’s a lot of stuff to read so let me just quickly dispel a couple of these points:A flat tax rate would be the most UNfair tax system imaginable. Let’s say that the flat tax rate is 10%. Let’s say I make a million dollars a year, and you make $100 a year. I have to pay $100,000 and you have to pay $10. That leaves me with $900,000 to live off of, while you get a measly $90. How do you feel about that? Wealthy people pay a higher percentage tax because they benefit the most from our capitalist system. Simple logic dictates that those who reap the most benefit from the system should also pay the most to sustain that system.

      Poor people are not profiting from capitalism, and therefore shouldn’t have to pay anything to sustain a system that doesn’t benefit them. And if you think that “entitlements” are so great, try being poor.

      As for evidence of god’s existence, there is none. Faith, by definition is “belief despite lack of evidence.”

      Whether Evolution is 100% correct as we currently understand it is irrelevant. Science (unlike religion) doesn’t have a particular agenda, apart from trying to improve man’s understanding of the universe. Evolution is real. We know this beyond any reasonable doubt, and no less than the Pope, himself, has endorsed Evolution.

      But don’t take my word for it. I defer to the greatest mind of our time: Stephen Hawking:​science/2010/sep/02/stephe​n-hawking-big-bang-creator

      P.S. People do get paid to get their PhDs. It’s called a stipend.

      Professor argues in The Grand Design that law of gravity, rather than creator, led to Big Bang
    • Brian DelachAlso, Rick Perry is a nutcase. But that’s hardly surprising. Anti-intellectualism from the right is about as uncommon as a Mark Reynolds strikeout.

2 Responses to “Brace Yourself”

  1. As a person “raised by Republicans” I registered and started voting the republicans platform at age 18. For many years and I used the party lever, when it was offered. (reference to old ballet machines – party levers were removed in the 80’s) . I realized in my 30’s that the best I could achieve given my career choice, was middleclass. Sure, I saved and invested in the poor man’s stock market (Mutual Funds), but there really wasn’t any real chance of getting my first million as a working man. About that time It occurred to me that the Republican party candidates had changed and were working against my way of life. They were clearly more interested in ultra wealthy than in me and my working class neighbors. I couldn’t attend any fund raisers, as the price was set at $10,000 a plate. I had kids who would need money for college. My need to save that money meant that I would have to forgo any possibility of being heard by any of the politically elected officials. Once on the tit of big money, the Politicians would continue their meet and greet with just the ultra wealthy, or as W called his constituent donors, “the Have’s and the Have-More’s”.
    Different from all the training I’ve received in my life, one thing that my college education gave me was the ability to think critically about myself and my choices.

    In subsequent years, it’s been promulgated that the conservative right has tried to say they represent individual responsibility, individual rights and keep government out of the way of individual success or failures. The same claim for the liberal left is that they are for government regulations, government programs and support government intrusion into people’s lives.

    I see Justin’s response as a shot gun approach to debate: Throw up a ton of ideas and concepts…see what sticks. No offense Justin, but your reply is bordering on a diatribe rant. There’s just no way to address all you bring up so I’ll just go with the biggies.
    Justin asked, “since when does freedom of religion not apply to Gov?”. Well, since the signing of the US Constitution: The bill of rights was included to protect citizens against the over reaching arm of the Government and everything in the bill of rights is there to protect the rights of people, not government. The first amendment expressly prohibits the government from establishing a religion. As Governor, I see Rick Perry’s call for prayer and his prayer rally as political maneuver designed to solidify his presences to the followers of such religions. No doubt, If polls showed that Witches held a majority position, he’d be calling for a spell to be cast. He can alway resign from the Government leader position if he want to be a preacher. Protecting people from government excesses should be a conservative idea.

    Abortion: I will never be in a position of having to decide whether to an abortion or not, neither will any other male. But that doesn’t give me or anyone else the right to prohibit someone from making that decision for themselves. Abortion is legal so says the US Supreme. Now, if I were to follow the format of insinuating a point of view I’d mention that murdering Doctors is no way for a democratic society to behave, it’s more of a Khmer Rouge practice. This right to choose, and keep government out of our lives should be a conservative point of view. And following the law is also a conservative point of view, isn’t it?

    Evolution vs Creationism: The belief in and the miracle powers of God, jesus, Buddha…, is by definition Religion. Religion is not Government. (again, refer to 1st amendment). If it is expressly stated that Government shall not establish a religion, then how can a government run school teach religious ideas? I was taught creationism in church. I was taught evolution in school. Now I have the tools to decide for myself. This right to choose should be a conservative point of view.
    Thanks for the debate.

  2. Something tells me the old college apartment would have been even more volatile had Ralph been in the same group.

    As one who at a point in my life received Social Security survivor benefits for me and my children, I’m certainly glad this “government hand-out” was in place. The funds helped keep a roof over our heads and enabled us to NOT have to seek further government assistance. In fact, Justin may never have had the opportunity to meet Jason if this “government hand-out” were not in place.

    One major role of government is to protect – I think Justin would agree since this is what he does in uniform. Protection comes in many forms outside of the military … Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, EPA, FDA and transportation regulations, etc. The fact that some people take advantage, just like some businesses and corporations take advantage of tax codes or lax labor laws, does not mean all who receive government assistance are free-loaders or “bad” people. Nor are the top 10% of US taxpayers evil for making money, but the fact that they’ve made more money than other, often less fortunate workers, does not give them (in Justin’s words) a God-given right to pay less in taxes than the middle-class or working poor. However our government does currently give them this ‘right’, therefore it is protecting the rich at the expense of the less-rich.

    The fact that Perry calls for prayer to solve a weather problem does not make him a bad person. It simply, in my mind, makes him a questionable choice for President. Many great leaders throughout this country’s history have sought solace and guidance through prayer. They did so in addition to, not instead of, seeking thoughtful, investigative solutions to real problems.

    Justin, you were way off in insinuating that Jason gets his ideas from a mere television commentator. The fact that he has opinions that differ from yours does not give you or anyone else the ‘right’ to claim he is drinking some sort of Kool-Aid. This is no better than claiming he, or anyone else, is less of a true American because they have different world and national visions than your own. I’m reminded of one of the Bush II administration’s premises – you’re either with us or against us; there’s no room for discussion. People who disagreed with Bush II policies were accused of being un-American. Unfortunately this idea seems to have permeated conservative talk. The reality is that our great American constitution – the very one Justin and the rest of our military protects – gives us all the right to voice our opinions, and our religions or lack thereof, freely. Disagree all you want, but do so with civility and an open mind that perhaps there’s more than one way of looking at issues.

    Jason … you certainly know how to push people’s buttons.

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