Be Afraid….

Be very afraid. 

The 2012 Presidential campaign unofficially officially kicked off on Friday with the Iowa straw poll.  No surprise that Michelle Bachman came out on top.  She has been the front-runner there for a while and she speaks the right kind of crazy that voters like early on in the race.  She’s not who I am scared about though.  I believe that the latest entry is a very dangerous candidate.

Texas Governor Rick Perry joined the fold over the weekend.  If you thought that George Bush was trouble, Rick Perry is A slightly more moronic version of the former president.  Not only are his views slightly skewed, he actually called for a day of prayer in response to the record drought that Texas is having.  Yep, that was his answer.  A public official declaring a day of prayer to save his state.

He’s called for the secession of Texas from the rest of the union.  He is against same-sex marriage and abortion.  He is opposed to regulations for greenhouse gases.  His education platform is embarrassing.  Texas continually ranks at or near the bottom in many sections including SAT scores and graduation rates. 

It’ll be hard for him to talk about job creation because Texas, much like every other state in the union has seen unemployment rates double in the past five years.  This coming from a state that he declared was “recession proof.”  I would be overly concerned about what he plans to cut for him not to raise taxes, or even eliminate the income tax which he very against.  Now, as much as I would love to have extra dough in my paycheck, I would be worried about what things would be eliminated under his administration.

I was a pro-Obama guy but have been so underwhelmed by what he has done I am beginning to look at other potential candidates.  I just wish that a viable contender would step up.  All the GOP hopefuls have a twist of crazy in them and none of them are trustworthy.  Seriously folks, can one person step up who is viable, my vote is wide open. 

Should be an interesting 15 months.


2 Responses to “Be Afraid….”

  1. spot on. Texas has had the larges growth of minimum wage jobs in America. wowhoo, lets hear it for minimum wages for adults trying to raise a family, provide a secure future for when body and mind fail and you can’t work, send your kids to college. Perry even called Social Security unconstitutional. I hope he and his family return their Social security checks when they start receiving them. One question for the Governor and his supporters, What would you have done with the folks who, for much of their lives, had minimum wage jobs and couldn’t save for old age, buy a home or achieve any type of equity that could be sold to support them in old age? Millions of working people are living hand to mouth not because they over spent, but because they are earning too little.

  2. Do actually think this is true?

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