Figure It Out

How many other people are embarrassed with the actions of those fools in Washington the past few months?  I am so sick of these windbags it’s hard to put into words, but I damn will try.

This country has gone through unprecedented times with the whole budget mess and now the downgrade by the S&P.  The President can say what he wants but I am sure S&P aren’t the only ones that are losing faith in our country and how it is being run.

The thing that gets me the most is the childish back and forth between the two parties.  I am a registered democrat but both parties have equal blame here.  Un fact, we all are to blame for this mess.  I was so pissed when I heard the responses on Sunday to the news of the downgrade.  Both sides were quick to blame the others and not one had a solution.  When are these idiots going to get it through their thick skulls that the only way to come to an agreement is to bury these petty little squabbles and come together for the good of the country?  I just don’t get how this isn’t happening.

The Continental Congress (yeah, I’m going there) was made up of men from different backgrounds with different views and they were able to put aside these feelings for what was best for all.  The biggest difference between the two is that our forefathers were well spoken intelligent people who could have a healthy debate without it getting personal.  In the end it all got figured out.  Washington can’t do that anymore.  If they don’t get they’re way the first thing they do is walk out and then complain to either MSNBC or FOX News.  For god sakes, during one of the most critical meetings of this process, Boehner stormed out of a meeting with Obama because he didn’t get exactly what he wanted.  I expect that kind of behavior from my two-year-old daughter, not the 2nd in line for the Oval Office.

We are feeling the pinch.  401k’s are tanking, interest rates on loans are in danger of going up and all this is happening while Congress and the President sit and blame one another.  Do you actually think that these people give a shit what we are going through?  They have their pensions and retirements all secured.  Now, they are just concerned with getting re-elected so those sweet paydays can continue.  How great would it be if the members of the executive and legislative branch give up their salaries until they can come to an agreement to get our country and it’s deficit under control.  Maybe, just maybe we should re-examine what is worth being federally funded like this one here.  You can’t tell me that this is the only stupid-ass waste-of-money study out there.  While lots of great things have come from public backed research, stoned monkeys is not one of them.

This seems to me as a problem with a fairly “easy” solution.  The only issue is the blowhards in DC.  Now I will do what I can and still vote for the person I believe will make the biggest impact in Washington.  I hope that we start to get an influx of really smart and sensible young Americans that want a change and decide to run for office.  It seems we need new blood and the only way this is all going to change is by getting rid of the old guard.  I am not the answer but I am positive that there are enough young men and women out there that are ready for this challenge.  Your country has never needed you more.  This truly is a time for us to rise up as one and try to save all of us from this massive free fall. 

This is still the greatest country in the land with the greatest minds in the world.  It is time that we rise up and show the world that we are serious.  Getting through this together without the name-calling and finger-pointing is the only way to solve this crisis.


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  1. well said

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