What to do, What to do?

So, as I sit here on this Friday morning I am contemplating what to do this weekend.  It’s tough you know when your family is away to try to find something to do. 

Wait, what’s that you say?  The Red Sox and Yankees play this weekend with 1st place on the line?  Well, I guess I can squeeze in a few innings or so. 

Hold on,  you’re telling me that it’s going to be a great night to play golf?  Well, maybe I can fit in a few holes.

All right, I guess that helps fill out my Friday night a bit but what about the rest of the weekend. 

If only I knew of someone who was planning on cooking lobsters and steamers………  Oh well, I guess that’s just a pipe dream.

Now that just leaves Sunday.  Man, it’s gonna really suck sleeping in.  I have no idea how I am going to adjust.  Maybe I will be awake by the afternoon for some more golf. 

I tell you what, it’s tough living like this.  Seriously though, all this is just to fill time till Nikki and Avery come home Monday.  The house is way too quiet w/o them.  As much as I always think time by myself would be good, I get a bit stir crazy in the house with no one else there. 

Never thought I’d be saying that. 

Enjoy the weekend!


One Response to “What to do, What to do?”

  1. Oh i see, you just want us to be stuck in the house while you go out and do all these things that you would do regardless of whether we are there or not…

    somehow i wasn’t worried that you would be left alone with nothing to do 😛

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