Humpday Convo: Childhood Memories

The next few weeks are going to be about your favorite childhood memories.  That’s right I am breaking up my weekly special topic into its own weekly special topic.  I think the universe just got a little smaller.

Anyway, today’s question: what was your favorite childhood educational program?  Obviously the answers could differentiate depending on your generation.  I grew up watching Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers, 3-2-1 Contact among others.  Those were all high quality shows.  I actually prefered the little vignettes at the end of the GI Joe shows. 

My absolute favorite has to be the Schoolhouse Rocks cartoons.  Everyone knows about “How a Bill becomes a Law”, “Conjunction Junction” and “Three is the Magic Number.”  It was such an ingenious way to slip some education into our daily saturday morning cartoons.  We’ve all found ourselves humming along with these songs. 

These are just a small sample of the dozens out there.  I’d love to hear what your faves are.



One Response to “Humpday Convo: Childhood Memories”

  1. I don’t remember if there were any educational stuff when I was a kid but we had cool jingles for the commercials though. Oscar Meyer song, Armour Hot Dog song, Fluffernutter and of course, at the movies we had ” lets go out the lobby”. I got my classical music education from bugs bunny.

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