Punny Stuff

For those of you who don’t know me, I really like puns.  In fact the chessier the better I believe.  I have made more than a fair share of my friends and co-workers mumble under their breath, roll their eyes and let out groans at my fantastically awful play-on-words. 

As it turns out, according to a University of Cambridge study no matter how you react to the corniness of a joke, what goes in your ears sets off something in your brain that can pop up your “positive reward” part of your brain.  Shucks, so I guess I have been making my friends sub-consciencly happy for years. 

No, no please don’t thank me.  I’m not in it for the glory just simply for the fun of it.  Next time though, how bout a courtesy laugh in my direction. 

For your Friday, here are a few of my faves:

Guy walks into a bar, what does he get?


A black eye.


Guy walks into a bar, what does he ask for?


An ice pack.


Finally, two legumes were walking down the street.  One was assaulted……peanut!!!

Ha, I kill me!!!


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