Humpday Convo: If You Could Banish Someone From Your Life

Man, is this a loaded question or what? Before we get into my answer, lets discuss on what levels we are talking about here. There are the people who are directly involved in your life (mother, father, etc.), the ones indirectly involved (sports stars, media, entertainers, etc) or ones that are dead but may improve your life if they never existed. (The problem there is that the whole space/time continuum is involved so the results could be worse….)

Once you answer this you have to think of the immediate repercussions. Are you prepared for the backlash if your answer is a family member? What if it’s a co-worker or your boss? Really I think you have to be honest with yourself and say my life would be better if “blank” wasn’t in it.

Now to get even deeper, what if the one person you want to banish is you? Maybe there is a side of you that you hate. Someone who gets really angry or mean. A jealous or vengeful side? A side of you that gets nervous or apprehensive.

I can’t say I would banish anyone from my life. I believeĀ that everyone whether I like them or not, has helped shape who I am. The one person I would banish though would be the short-tempered/impatient side of me. I don’t like that and Nikki hates that part of me. I know when he’s going to show his ugly head and I still can’t control it. I try really hard but sometimes it just takes over me, sorta like Venom does to Spiderman.

Some may say this was an easy-way-out answer but it is totally honest. I think I would be a much better person w/o this side.

I really liked this question, can’t wait to see your responses.

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3 Responses to “Humpday Convo: If You Could Banish Someone From Your Life”

  1. Pete Olsen Says:

    I would banish the nervous, anxious, uptight side of me. It’s complicated because that part of my personality makes me succesful but at the same time makes me miss out on enjoying life at face value, so I guess I would have to trade some success for a fuller more enjoyable life.
    People are people can’t control them, i choose to embrace them or ignore them, thats a simple process for me.
    And if it’s any consolation you tend to mellow out and lose that impatient, quick tempered personality as you get older.

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