In Mourning

This weekend, I am sad to say, we lost a very important member of our family.  It came as a shock to us all.  One day; fine, the next day; nothing.  Every day for the past eight years, he’s been there ready to help get me through the day.  He never asked for anything more than he needed but what he provided to me was invaluable.  Dependable, loyal, hard-working, stable, a bit of a drip but had great taste. 

I was worried how I could move on, and to be honest today was a very tough day.  You never fully realize how important something is too you until it’s gone.  Nikki never got much use from him but she felt the residual effects.  I was much easier to deal with after meeting with him on the morning.  She knew how important it was to me and she let us have our time together.  Deep down, she knows how much I’ll miss him. 

On the plus side though, he’s easily replaced.  Hey, it’s a fast-moving world and I don’t have the time or energy to go on and on about something in the past.  Sure he was great for eight years, but you can always improve.  I think acceptance and moving on are the last two steps of grieving.  I went through the others yesterday morning.  Today we move on.

I should have my new coffee maker for Tuesday morning.


One Response to “In Mourning”

  1. And we wonder where Avery gets her flair for the over-dramatic…

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