Humpday Convo: Road Etiquette

This isn’t the typical Wednesday question, more of an open forum on not necessarily the rules of the road but also the unwritten rules.

How many people know that when you merge onto a highway, you have to yield to the traffic.  They legally do not have to let you in but obviously it is a courtesy to do so.  The problem that I run into (no pun intended, I swear) is when I have nowhere to go and a car is merging onto the highway from a ramp and almost run me off the road because they don’t yield.  Happened to me on Monday and if it wasn’t for my cat-like reflexes, Rt. 2 would have been backed up a few miles.

Also, when you see a cop running radar, do you give a heads up to other cars going the opposite direction?  If so, how far down the road do you continue to do it?  1/4 mile, 1/2 mile?  30 seconds to a minute or do you have a set number of cars?  What is er, uh…… your policy if it wasn’t illegal, yeah, that’s what I meant.

Are you wanna the people who ignore the proper way to merge?  I hate those drivers.  The ones that try to squeeze in right behind another car, therefore backing up traffic even more.  Staggered merging should be law and those who ignore it can be set up in a rack while young kids throw tomatoes at them. 

These are just a few things that have happened to me the past few days, please if you have more, let me know.  I’m sure I have missed more than a few.


4 Responses to “Humpday Convo: Road Etiquette”

  1. Ugh, the asshat who was behind you that angrily speeds past after you’ve merged even though the same lane is closed a 1/4 mile ahead. I enjoy not following the merging “rules” at that point.

  2. how bout the ass clowns that sit in the fast lane while chatting on their cell phones in their own little world going 60 mph and not passing anyone completely oblivious to the other drivers around them. Or the people that cut you off to get in the fast lane, not to pass any cars, no, just because they feel like sitting in the fast lane, and they are going 65 mph. Or the people that speed up and close a gap the second you put your blinker on to change lanes. I can go on and on. Driving out of downtown Hartford during rush hour, I get to experience all these ass clowns.

    • people who drive 40 while merging onto a highway then cut everyone off because they can’t get the P.O.S they drive up to speed. People who stop at red light and are going straight but sit in the right lane blocking anyone from turning on red

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