2 to #3000

What I am about to do, I…….can’t even believe it myself.  I am about to dedicate an entire entry to a player and an achievement that I believe all true sports fans should be recognizing.  That’s right boys and girls, this die-hard Red Sox fan is paying tribute to Derek Jeter.  Excuse me, I just gagged a little……….. I’m better now.

Seriously though, how can you not respect this man’s career?  I don’t care who you root for, Derek Jeter is and should be the model for what we want our star athletes to be.  His entire career has been about winning and winning the right way.  It has been about the team and their results.  The man was the same if he was 0-4 with 4 k’s or 6-6 and a couple dingers.  As long as the Yank’s won, he was happy.  If they lost, he was pissed.  That’s why his chase of that elusive 3,000 hit should be celebrated.  The man has been all about team it’s about time it becomes about him.

I’ll be honest with you, I hate all things about the Yankees but I respect the hell out of Jeter.  He’s the one guy I do not want to see come up in a big spot.  Too many times I have watched him burn the Sox.  Over the years, I have grown to respect his game.  Does he have the range he once did, no but if I needed a SS to make a play in a big spot, no doubt I want #2 out there.  If I needed any player to start a rally, Jetes is the man.  I’m not saying this as a Red Sox fan (keep all those Benedict Arnold comments under your hat), I’m saying this as a lover of baseball.  Jeter has been the best player of my generation and I don’t know if we will see a player as complete as he was in a very long time.

I am continued to be impressed by his consistency, his dedication, his work ethic and his humbleness.  He is one of the few players right now that I can say I want my baseball players to model (along with Varitek, Pedroia, Utley, Halladay and Mauer).  Guys who play the game the right way, respect it, give it their all and to it all for the W.  You can see the influence that Jeter has had on the players that have passed through his wake.  He’s changed the way Cano has gone about his work and I think A-Rod has worked really hard to be more Jeter-esque.  It is a rare feat to be the cornerstone of a franchise from your 1st game in the bigs to your last but that is where he is heading.

His 3,000 hit will come at home and I believe it will come tonight.  I have two co-workers who are lucky enough to be going tonight and I am very jealous.  It is so rare that you get to see a game where history is made.  It is amazing that he will be the 1st Yankee to get this milestone.  It is a true testament to his consistency and is just one more thing you can add to his legacy. 

The other thing that blows me away is how he has managed to stay out of the tabloids.  He is a single, attractive guy in the biggest city in the world.  He has dated a plethora of women and not once have you heard a bad word about him.  When he retires maybe he should teach all incoming rookies in all sports how to do this.  Of course now he is hating Minka Kelly, yet one more reason to hate and respect him at the same time, bastard.

So tonight, make sure you pay your respects to the player and the feat.  I’ll be flipping over to see history.  It would be only fitting for his milestone hit to be a hit ‘n’ run flare out to right field.  One where the pitcher jams him inside and he has no right making contact but just does what he does best and moves the runner over to third. 

You know, something completely Jeterian. 


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