Humpday Convo: Dream Vacation

With this being vaca time, I figured this wa a pretty topical question.  Last week, my family and I went to the Poconos for the week.  Was it my dream vacation, not even close but it was a great one nonetheless.  It always help when you stay at a place for free.  My in-laws own a house in a really nice community that has a bunch of lakes.  It’s a great place to go to and relax.  My dream vacation though:


I know, it’s no exotic island, but for the Scot and golfer in me it is perfect.  I would love to go there and not only play golf, but explore the historic sites around the island.  While there I would also research my family’s lineage and maybe, just maybe try to meet some distant relatives.  Of course, golf would play a vital role in the trip.  St. Andrews, Carnoustie, Turnberry, Royal Troon, Royal Dornoch, Muirfield and Inverness would be my choices (yes, each one has hosted a British Open).  It would be so much fun to tour the countryside and take in whatever Scotland has to offer.  In fact, I plan to do this for my 40th bday. 

Your turn.


2 Responses to “Humpday Convo: Dream Vacation”

  1. sounds terrific.

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