Hello Again

It’s been two weeks since my last post.  What can I say, I really needed a break from everything: work, home, state, blog and work.  It was a real nice vacation.  Did a whole lot of nothing.  Saw some friends and slept…….a lot.  Got right back to the grind yesterday and I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

My last day working just so happened to be the same day that the state’s unions rejected the Governor’s deal.  Now I figured that the majority would know the consequences of their actions.  Malloy has been nothing but straight-forward during these unprecedented times.  He said he would have to lay people off if this deal was rejected and now it’s happening.  The unions: all of a sudden they are surprised by these actions. 

As much as I can’t stand the union that I’m in, I am very much pro-union.  I think it is a travesty what is and has happened in Wisconsin.  What’s going on in CT can’t even compare to that disaster but 6600+ lay-offs is nothing to sneeze at.  What blows my mind is the shock that some union members have.  Now they are trying to come up with a plan to stop these lay-offs from happening.  I’m sorry, didn’t they just vote that down two weeks ago?  I get it, the plan wasn’t great but I’ll take staying at my job with no raise over being out of work any day. 

We had some sound this morning  from a couple of angry state employees:

“You really have to see the ramifications about what you’re doing before you just do it. It shouldn’t be a knee-jerk reaction will the governor. He has to think this through. What is going to happen with the state.”


“One woman is a single mother and she just got laid off without even enough notice. Her last day will be July 15th. Another public defender in our office was also laid off.”

These two quotes could be some of the dumbest I have heard.  If I did the math properly, July 15th is two weeks after July 1st.  I think most lay-off notices give people two weeks…….. so if I carry the one, and  yep that time works out perfectly.  The prior one may be worse.  Don’t you think the gov and his peeps thought long and hard about the ramifications.  This administration was handed as shitty as a situation as you could have.  The two previous admins just wrecked havoc on this state.  Now Malloy is left with nothing but crazy tough choices to make and he is looked at as the bad guy? 

It is never good when a state is its own largest employer.  I think there are way to many state workers as it is.  Now, this doesn’t include public service workers( fire, police, DOT, etc.) but all those office workers.  Are you trying to tell me that there is no room for streamlining in our government?  Do you actually think the state will shut down without these 6600+ jobs.  Every other business is facing the reality of doing more with less.  God knows in TV we are, why can’t the state do the same.  Maybe some of these employees will actually have to start working to earn their crazy paychecks with sweet benefits. 

The unions called his bluff and now they’re pissed off at whats happening.  My question is:  who are you really angry at?  Maybe y’all should look in the mirror before answering.


One Response to “Hello Again”

  1. I don’t know where to start. “crazy paychecks and sweet benefits”? Granted benefits for state employees, previously known as civil servants, look pretty good when compared to some, but certainly not very good when compared to others. Most benefits come through a reduction in pay. (I won’t give you a $1 per hr raise but I will give you $2 dollars per day as a longevity incentive: net savings for me $6 per day/per employee). GE profits over 5 billion in US alone, yet paid nothing in taxes. As American workers “do more with less” (a mantra I’ve heard since Lowell Wicker) and accept less in pay for the same job, it will be the corporations that get more for less. The big question for workers is: “how low will you go”?. $7.25 minimum wage? or perhaps as newsweek study found, .25 per hour. Good luck buying a house on that let alone save for when you can no longer work. The concerted effort around the country seems to be that massive layoffs will lower pay expectations across the board. Organized labor will fight wage reductions so we’ll destroy public labor unions first, by pitting private and public employees against one another, (divide and concur) then go after private unions. When we’re done, workers will take 0.25 per hour and they’ll be happy to have a job. profit, profit, profit.
    Can America afford to have 200 million people below the poverty line.

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