Humpday Convo: College

First off, before I get into our weekly convo, I want to take this time to congratulate the 2011 seniors graduating today from Nathan Hale-Ray High School.  I especially want to say congrats to the seniors that I had the pleasure of coaching these past four years.  These seniors just wrapped up one of the most succesful athletic years ion recent memory and they should all be proud of their achievements.  So: JT, Pete, Kenny, Zach, Robbie, Morgan, Denny, Nikki, Becca, Meghan, Pat, Ty and Tony job well done, enjoy this day and Project Grad tonight.  This is your time to shine, eat it up.  Proud of all of you, Good Luck in the future and I’ll see ya tonight.

Now, onto the question at hand.  What college did you go to and why?  This is without a doubt the most important decision you make in your life at that time.  Without you even realizing it, it sets your life down a path of opportunities and failures that will define you as a person. 

I went to King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  It is a small liberal arts college where I majored in communications.  As soon as I walked on campus it just felt right.  I liked that it was small.  I was coming from a very small town where I graduated high school with only 46 people.  It felt right going to another small school.  There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t regret my decision.  Sure, I had pipe dreams of going to Michigan(got accepted too) but the price was too much.  Everything about King’s was right.  Now, because of that one decision I have a great job in a great place.  A wonderful wife and an unbelievable daughter and lifelong friendships.  You can’t ask for much more from a school.

I wish the same thing on these Little Noises grads!!  Congrats and Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Humpday Convo: College”

  1. Karan Convoer Says:

    Just a thanks to you for helping with the party – what a great bus ride!. You’ve bee n a great Coach and inspiration to my son. Thank you.


  2. Pete Olsen Says:

    Thanks for recognizing the recent graduates. I can’t believe how fast it has all come and gone. I’m very pleased that Peter picked a smaller school, he initially wanted a “big school” but after making his visits I think he realized that he felt more comfortable at a smaller school. I sure hope he gets as much out of his college experience as you did. Thanks again for everything and good luck in the future. See you around!!

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