The Amazing Avery

I had no idea my daughter had such remarkable powers.  I mean I have come to learn that she can ruin a bad mood with a simple smile.  She can save a bad day with a loveable laugh.  She has even been known to erase the thought of a bad loss with an arms-wide-open run yelling Da-Da.  Last night though, a whole new gift was discovered.

We flipped on the Red Sox game at about 8:30 and it was a 0-0 tie.  So I had a quick thought.  We have a Wally doll that sits proudly next to the TV as  part of my yearly baseball tradition.  (During football, the setup involves some various Michigan stuff, yes Nikki lives with this and no I don’t think I have a problem.)  Sorry, back to the point: Wally was laying on our coffee table because Avery was trying to feed him some dinner.  This was after I told her that Wally eats only Yankee fans, but I digress.  I told Avery to pick Wally up, give him a kiss, sy Go Red Sox and put Wally back in his home.  With an adorable “O Tay” she did just what I asked. 

The next three hitters: triple, walk, 3-run homer.  How’s that for doin work?  She had no idea what she did but since Daddy was happy and cheering, she did the same thing.  It was one of those great father/daughter moments with Nikki shaking her head thinking ” I may be losing my girl.” 

Now, I just gotta figure out how to make money off of this………….


4 Responses to “The Amazing Avery”

  1. I think i was thinking, they are both crazy! and the only thing i can do is shake my head at laugh!!!!

  2. Hey, I have to get me one of those. No, not Wally dolls, adorable daughters! Glad she has magical powers. Watch her nose.

  3. That’s my girl!

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