I Learned Something Today

OK, I actually learned something NEW today, but I thought the title would draw more people in. 

During  a random conversation about a fire in Moodus today, a co-worker Rebecca Ledewitz told me that her mom grew up in Moodus and her grandparents owned a resort in town.  Now I always knew that Moodus was the place to be in the summer during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  I know of the fairly common resorts like Banner Lodge, Cave Hill, Klar Crest and Ted Hilton’s (Sunrise) but I had never heard of their resort Weiner’s Hotel.  This news got my wheels moving and a quick google search landed me at this site all about the history of Moodus Resorts.

Digging deeper I found all sorts of cool nuggets about my hometown.  Some facts I knew about, others I learned for the first time.  Realizing what kind of place the town was gives me a greater appreciation for where I live.  I am a history buff and this kind of stuff really excites me. 

If you read this and live in town, please check out the sight (especially if you re my one and only subscriber, thank you btw).  If you read this and don’t live in town, take the time to do a little research about your town.  I believe we have a greater appreciation for where we are now if we know what laid the groundwork in the past.


One Response to “I Learned Something Today”

  1. Cool sight … thanks.

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