Humpday Convo: Age or Weight

Today we dial into your sense of self: would you rather be five years younger or your ideal weight?  I’m not talking your BMI weight(which is crap anyway) but the weight you want to be at.  Hey, that could even be a little heavier.  I found this question very easy:  I’ll take the weight off thanks.  I have constantly battled the bulge and if I could get down to 210-215 I would be thrilled.  I don’t want to be too skinny and I’ve been real big before and I have no desire to be there again.  The age thing doesn’t bother me because I feel that I am a better person now then when I was 28.  My life is more full and much better.

This question was posed my a friend of mine in the newsroom and I guess other people had a tough time choosing.  I just think that age is relative.  I’ve always felt young at heart and have never felt much like a mid-thirties type of guy, whatever that means.  To be lighter though, man oh man would I love that.  I feel that being lighter would make me feel younger so it’s a win-win for me, and really what else matters.

Your turn.


One Response to “Humpday Convo: Age or Weight”

  1. This is the easiest question ever. Who cares about age. I’ll lose the weight thank you very much. If all else fails, you can always lie about your age. Man boobs never lie.

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