The Off-Season

Thursday, unfortunately, marked the last day of coaching for me this school year.  It was a great year and I learned things about coaching that I hadn’t before.  From coaching girls for the 1st time to my 1st basketball game to my humbling JV baseball season I think they all helped me become better.  I guess we’ll know for sure next school year. 

What this brings now is a well deserved off-season.  Started this past weekend.  It was nice having a Saturday where the only responsibility I had was home stuff.  Got to take a little nap, watched the Sox (thank go d they won, that could have ruined the day), washed the car, was able to sit down to a nice dinner with the fam and we even watched a movie together.  It was almost as we were an actual family unit. 

Sunday I got to sleep in a bit, make some breakfast then go out and play 18 holes followed by dinner.  So I guess this is what it’ll be like living a “normal” schedule.  I think I can get used to this.

Yesterday was a nice day off of work.  My brother and I played in a tournament we’ve played in the past three years honoring a former co-worker who died four years ago.  This tourney has raised a ton of money for his kids college funds, two other scholarships in his name, an organ donation program and this year they were able to give an AED unit to Palmer Field in Middletown.  Even after three years and a down economy, this is still the biggest outing that Lyman Orchards has all year.  Says a lot about a guy that it keeps going this strongly.

Back to work today but more importantly, back to the gym.  I have gone sparingly at best these past many months.  Now it’s time to kick it into high gear.  Not making any promises to myself, just wanna get back to feeling good again.


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