Humpday Convo: All-Time Celtics

Today you are reading a historic entry.  For the 1st time, I have a guest blogger.  Gotta say, it’s pretty nice.  All I had to do was copy and paste.  It also helps that he’s not a bad writer and he’s a  devout Celtics fan.  Take it away Scott:  

So the guys on ESPN radio were talking about the ultimate NBA team which ended up as something like Magic, Bird, Wilt, Kobe and Duncan vs. MJ, Pete Maravich, Karl Malone, Russell and West. (BTW, this was set up as a draft)  That got me thinking. Could the Ultimate Celtics team take down the Ultimate NBA Fantasy teams? Of course that got me thinking about who would be on said team. So, without further ado, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd All Celtics Teams. (caveat, this is a team game, so these aren’t broken down into best at positions, but best fit for each 5.)

PG- Bob Cousy
SG- Ray Allen
SF- Larry Bird
PF- Kevin Garnett
C- Bill Russell
Cousy, Bird and Russel are must haves.  The court vision possibilities are frightening.  I don’t think Ray and KG are the best at their positions, but I think Ray would be open from 3 constantly, and they need KG for the defense/rebounding. 
PLAYER/COACH: Russell (this is a team entirely of self starters who know their role.  Overcoaching would just take away).
PG- Dennis Johnson
SG- John Havlicek
SF- Paul Pierce
PF- Kevin McHale
C- Robert Parish
I went back and forth on Havlicek and McHale here.  Hondo would have been a nice fit on the 1st team, but he provides the second team with some offense.  This would be a great fast break 5, and could still break your spirit in the half court.
COACH: Doc (I think he’s the perfect fit to mold some strong personalities and get the best out of the group)
PG- Rajon Rondo
SG- Danny Ainge
SF- Reggie Lewis
PF- Tommy Heinshon
C- Bill Walton
This team would just be fun to watch.  Let them loose and see what happens.  Plus, you have the added benefit of Rondo not needing to shoot because Ainge, Lewis and Heinshon were all chuckers.
COACH: Red (Imagine of Red could have gotten his hands on Rondo?  Seriously, it’s just scary to think about.)
Your turn.
Scott Beaulieu
NBC Connecticut News

6 Responses to “Humpday Convo: All-Time Celtics”

  1. This is from another diehard C’s fan:

    1st Team
    PG Cousy
    SG Hondo
    SF Bird
    PF KG
    C Russell

    2nd Team
    PG DJ
    SG Ray
    SF Sam Jones
    PF Tommy
    C Chief

    3rd Team
    PG Rondo
    SG Bill Sharman
    SF PP
    PF McHale
    C Hondo

  2. The real question here is who make the 1st team as the bench chearleader, ML or Scal?

    • that is a great point? I think both can bring something to the table. Scal is the crowd fave but ML could swing that towel. Man, I kinda want a hybrid: ML Scal.

      • ML loses points for future failures. Scal is my man. ML isn’t walking through that door. Sub convo… the anti-greatest Celtics team.

        Joe Forte
        Sebastian Telfair
        Travis Knight
        Pervis Ellison
        and let’s throw Toine in because i’ve blocked out all the other bad players.

  3. ricky davis, dino radja, eric montross, mike james, andrew declerq, joe klein, and the greatest of them all, the drunk, over weight, very over paid vin baker.

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