Fraying of the Vest

It all started the minute that Terrelle Pryor said he was going to Ohio St.  That was the beginning of the end of Jim Tressel’s coaching reign.

Two other schools were in heavy on Pryor, now Michigan and Penn St. can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief that he

See Ya Sucka!!!

chose Columbus. 

This whole mess has left me feeling very happy.  It couldn’t have happened to a better school.  Now, I am a tad biased but the school got what was coming to them.  They have made a habit of recruiting guys with questionable backgrounds and now it has caught up with them.  Of course that sort of thing happens all over the college football landscape, even at the great University of Michigan but the fact that it is Ohio St and thee sweater vest wearing coach makes it that much sweeter.

To recap, some of Tressel’s players traded good for tattoo’s, which under NCAA rules is a no-no.  Tressel knew about the transgressions and sat on it for months.  He could have cleared it all up by reporting it ASAP.  That way he would still have a job and his kids would not have been gives such a harsh penalty( suspended 5 games next season).  Instead the Vest thought he was bigger and better than the rules and tried to sweep it under the carpet.  Well, now he gets his comeuppance.  Not only did it happen this past year, but it has been happening regularly since 2002 and it involves 28 players.  OUCH!!!!

Now, he has resigned and there are rumors that Pryor will not be eligible this season because he has other violations (he has had 6 different cars in three years, all registered to car dealerships in Columbus) and the once proud program is in disarray. 

Now I know that this will only be a setback.  This is too strong of a university and program that this will only slow them down.  What this does do though is open the door wide open for Michigan to regain its rightful place atop the Big Ten.  They are in a prime spot with a new coach and a new outlook.  They have the returning talent to compete right away and as a fan I am already fired up for the season to start. 

Do I feel bad for the OSU fans out there, absolutely not.  You thought that Tressel was the second coming when all he turned out to be was a lying, cheating SOB.  He just takes his place in line behind al the other bad rep coaches at that school.  Cooper couldn’t beat Michigan and Hayes just beat his players. 

Way to make the state and school proud guys.

As always, Hail to the Victors and Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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