Humpday Convo: Favorite Hot Dog

Figured I will keep a theme going with summer fast approaching.  Last week it was your favorite hamburger.  Today, we talk about its cousin in grilling goodness. 

I love a good hot dog.  Natural casing for that nice pop.  All beef preferably but I have come to the point that if I don’t ask it won’t hurt me. 

Now for me to order a hot dog at an actual restaurant it better be an extraordinary wiener.  I much prefer small roadside shacks, a ball field, the golf course or from your own backyard.

I’ve had some great dogs.  A hot dog at the turn playing 18 on a summer day with a cold beer is simple nirvana.  Nothing can get a backside movin’ like a little stuffed meat.  My fave was the infamous Banner Dog.  That is what we lovingly called the dogs we served at Banner Lodge in East Haddam while I worked there during the late 90’s.  Whether you grilled the Rosol dog or steamed it, they were always great. 

There is a little hot dog trailer that parks itself on rt. 66 in Portland that also has some great ones.  You can’t miss the place.  It’s a hot dog shaped trailer towed by a NYC taxi cab.  The price is cheap and the dogs are great.  Steamed buns cap off the whole experience.  I recommend the onions or the spicy Cajun sauce to go on top.  Along those lines is the Capital Lunch dog in New Britain with their special sauce. 

These are all great but there is something that all these have in common: they are not Fenway Franks.  That my friends is hot dog heaven.  Are they the best dogs in the world, no.  I have had better quality dogs but when you add in the ambiance and history there is no beating it.  Add a little guldens mustard some kraut or relish, onions and you have the perfect dog.  There’s just something about a hot dog and a game at Fenway that brings a smile to my face.  That’s my favorite dog and second place isn’t even close.

Love to hear your favorite but there is one caveat:  if you put ketchup on your dog you are automatically disqualified from this conversation.


3 Responses to “Humpday Convo: Favorite Hot Dog”

  1. We all know how you lov some stuffed meat on the backside. Hey now.

  2. I was going to reply, until I saw what Cam wrote. Can’t say it much better than that.

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