The Best Of…….

Today is my 8th wedding anniversary.  I have been lucky enough to be with Nikki for 14 1/2 years (15 in Nov.) and the fact I haven’t pissed her off to the point of her leaving me is a wonder in itself.  I couldn’t have asked for a better life partner.  We work off each other so well.  We are truly the yin to the others yang.  We’ve had a great run since May of ’03 so I’d figure what better way then to honor our marriage by listing the top 8 things that have happened to us these past 8 years.  ( you can almost hear the creative juices bubbling right now………)

#8) Our first ever vacation that us just the two of us to Las Vegas.

#7) Our first house together in New Britain.  We learned a lot with that house like the fact we weren’t quite ready for a house yet.  Luckily, we sold it at just the right time.  This leads us into…..

#6) Our next house.  Now we are ready to be homeowners.  We are better off financially.  We are in a better neighborhood.  I just think we have come to the conclusions that we are adults now and this is what adults do.  It makes me feel older, but that’s fine because I am getting used to the feeling.

#5) Michigan/Ohio St game.  Nikki set up this awesome surprise/rouse for my 30th birthday.  She put so much time and effort into it knowing how much it would mean to me.  It was all it was cracked up to be, besides the result, Damn you Buckeyes!!!!!!!!  It just proved to me what lengths she would go to make me happy.

#4) Getting Macbeth.  She was our first major purchase as a married couple.  It was perfect too.  Macbeth was born four days before our wedding so it was Kismet when we met her that first time.  She has been a perfect dog for us.  So mellow.  So chill and full of love.  This was a great sign of things to come.

#3) Aruba.  This was Nikki’s 30th bday present from me.  Just the two of us relaxing on the beach, drinking lots and eating great food.  Little did we know that this would be the last vacation alone for a while.  We still haven’t declared all our perishable objects yet though……

#2) The Red Sox run in 2004.  Nikki stayed up and watched every inning from game 5-7.  She was a trooper.  Both of us, like all of New England worked on very little shut-eye those few days.  She clearly earned her stripes as a Red Sox fan though.  We were so emotionally involved.  Spending those games with her as well as the four World Series game I swear brought us closer together as a couple.  Yes, that’s how strong I feel about that stretch of baseball.

#1) Avery.  Like there was any other option.  She has been the absolute joy of our life.  We can not do any better as a couple than her.  She is everything we could ever had hoped for.  From the time she told me she was prego’s, to the name choices, to the making of the nursery all the way through delivery and beyond, the voyage has been so memorable.  Ups and downs have happened but our strength as a couple has carried us through. 

There is no one else I want to be with on this life journey other than Nikki.  She has been a wonderful wife and a fantastic best friend.  I really could not be a luckier guy.

I Love You with all my heart!!!!!!! 


4 Responses to “The Best Of…….”

  1. AWWWWW. That was so sweet! I’m super lucky to have such a wonderful husband and family! I love you more than Ever!!!!

  2. And … once again you make your Mama proud.

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