Judgement Day

Does anyone else realize that Judgement Day is upon us?  This Saturday, May 21st at 6pm (oddly specific) is Judgement Day or the day the rapture starts and 5 months from then October 21st the world ends

Uh, why the hell wasn’t I told this earlier??  Here I am paying my bills on time like a chump.  Jesus, how about a heads up next time!!  Here I am wasting my money on pointless crap when I could have been blowing it Tony Montana style.  Crap, what a waste this has been!

Seriously, if this is the case why aren’t more people freaking out about this?  I mean it’s The Rapture people!!!!!  When the chosen get called up to heaven while the rest of us sit down on Earth and are forced to suffer for five months.  Why now over the summer though.  These are like the five best months.  Couldn’t “god” have done this between November and March?  Oh that’s right then he’d miss his kid’s birthday.  Very, very selfish god. 

SO my question is who is getting saved?  I know that at that time and day I will already be in Heaven.  Camped out at Fenway waiting for the Sox Cubs game so I guess I’m saved.  Nikki will be with me so she’s cool.  So who gets taken away?  what are the credentials of these people?  Is it like an exclusive party at a swanky club?  Who’s the bouncer?  Can we take him in a bum rush?  Should we dress fancy would that help because if that’s the case I gotta go to the dry cleaners.  Is there a cover charge?  Is it open bar?  What kind of apps are there going to be?  Now these are questions that need answers!

Since this is a Christian thing do other religions get a free pass?  Do all religions line up this day as the end?  What do the Buddhists, Islams, Jews, etc. think of this? 

This is a lot of questions to be answered in two days.  I’m hoping it can at least wait till the end of the Sox game, that’d be nice. 

Boy, these people have the type of crazy that there is no cure for!!


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  3. How should one prepare for the end of the earth. Party like crazy, buy everything you’ve wanted with credit card and don’t pay it, or get on your knees and cower? Going to a Sox game is a good one. I’ll be doing some work, wearing my boots. If it comes…it comes, no preparation needed. Except there is that shirt I wouldn’t be caught dead in. I’ll buy a new one tomorrow.

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