Humpday Convo: Best Burger

This is a tough one:  What is the best burger you ever had.  Not best burger place but best burger and yes it is possible that your favorite burger did not come from your favorite burger joint. 

This began rolling around in my head on Sunday after a rain-drenched 18 holes at the Traditions in Wallingford.  We were in the bar for a well deserved beer or three and lunch.  They had on the menu what they were calling an Irish Pub Burger.  It consisted of a 1/4 pound patty, irish stout cheddar cheese, corned beef, onion hash and fried potato strings.  It was a glorious burger.  The flavors were fantastic together and it tasted even better after washing it down with a Guinness.  A friend of mine got the same thing and he said it was the greatest burger he’s ever had.  Now I wasn’t ready to go that far, I mean it was good, but the best ever?  Now that’s where I begin.

I do consider myself a bit of a burger connoisseur.  Outside a great steak, it may be my favorite meal.  I believe that I make a damn good burger but I don’t consider mine the best I’ve had (I have an ego, but not that big).  The bison burger from Rookies in Cromwell is a great simple burger.  No fancyness,  just lettuce, tomato and good bison meat.  I do love the burgers from Harry’s in Colchester but I think that they are good because of the setting.  The New Englander at Plan B is exceptional but I feel you can put lobster on anything and it becomes exceptional.  The one I had on Sunday surely ranks up there.  Max Burger has a couple great ones, the Kobe and el Diablo are must eats.

All those are great burgers. My favorite though takes in all aspects of the burger.  Price, simplicity, toppings, ambiance and of course taste.  With all those factors, my choice is the Ranchero Burger at Eli Cannon’s in Middletown.  A burger with crumbled blue cheese, chipolte sauce, sautéed mushrooms and cajun rings.  I love everything about the burger.  It also helps that it is at my favorite bar.  Bar, not burger place, see how I got around that. 

Of course you can’t go wrong with any answer.  All that matters is that you love it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s fancy or not just as long as you love it.

Your turn and happy eating.


8 Responses to “Humpday Convo: Best Burger”

  1. I think about this every time I have a burger. There’s the bar bites at Wood n Tap, especially because of the butter/mustard sauce. There’s Harry’s (setting or no jay, that’s a tasty burger.) The burgers at Max’s are good, but there are two winners.

    The first is the Bacon Cheeseburger at Plan B. Just a classic burger that never disappoints. Nothing fancy (unless you switch it up and go for the pretzel bun), just juicy non-Kosher goodness.

    The second involves a specific memory. It was the dog days of summer (late August I think) and y dad and I were watching a west coast Sox game when I was like 14. In like the 6th inning my dad turns to me and says “You know what would be great right now? A double cheeseburger.” “Mmm… that sounds good I say, but it’s like 11:30 at night.” “Fuck it,” my dad says. He gets up and goes to the fridge, pulls out a pack of patties and fires up the grill. My dad is no master on the grill (though he’d say different), but whether it was the time of night, or a fuzzy memory, that was a classic burger. It’s perhaps the fondest memory I have of me and my dad, because it was just the two of us, hanging out as guys for the first time. I have no idea who won the game, but I’ll never forget that burger.

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