Man Crush

I’ve had a few over the years.  Obviously the ultimate is Larry Bird.  Everyone who knows me understands my deep and long-lasting crush on Basketball Jesus.  Other sports stars have filled the role over time: David Ortiz, Rajon Rondo and Aaron Rodgers to name a few.  The newest one has a chance to last a while if he keeps doing this, this and especially this.   (Sorry for the links, but MLB is dumb and doesn’t allow highlights on YouTube.  Yep forward thinking………)

He’s got everything you could want: a sweet swing, smooth glove and a kick-ass latino goatee. 

Anyway, this may go down as Theo’s best trade.  Already a month and a half into the year (woohoo, above .500) and AdGo may be the best 1st baseman in Red Sox history.  What a joy he is to watch and he’s clutch to boot.  The scary thing is he’s just warming up.  I think the next seven summers with him are going to be so memorable.  What we are witnessing is the budding career of a hall-of-famer.  I think he quickly supplants Pujols as the best hitter in the game. 

My love for him is beginning to know no bounds and now that the Sox are on the right side of .500, April will be a distant memory in the Nation. 

Plus. I Betcha won’t see him bitching his way out of the line-up.  Boy this week has been great so far!!!


2 Responses to “Man Crush”

  1. I love him too. He reminds me of Manny but without the crazy. And without the attitude. And without the dreads. Oh, and the steroids.
    Let’s keep him forever.

    • Thanks for reading and I really think he could be destined for that upper echelon Brady/Papi/Pedro/Bird/Orr level of Boston athletes. I now it’s early but good god

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