Mother’s Day

I know that I don’t need to remind anyone how important they are in our lives.  At times they can be too much but we all now that they always have are best intentions in mind. 

Where would we all be without our Moms?  They all sacrifice so much to give us what we need.  Rarely do they ever ask for anything in return and that takes a special person to do that. 

I know how much my Mom has meant to myself, my brother and two step-brothers and know I see how much my wife means to Avery.  It’s great to get that other perspective. 

So on this day I say thanks, to my Mom for everything that she has done to help me become who I am and thanks to my wonderful wife Nikki for being a super Mom to Avery. 

Happy Mother’s Day to both of you and all mothers out there!!!



3 Responses to “Mother’s Day”

  1. Awww … thanks!

  2. Well said: what are your reading (in that pic)

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