Man Behind the Mask

As much as I love writing here almost everyday, sometimes it’s better to have the pros do it for me.  Today is one of those days.  Peter Abraham has a great article in the Boston Globe about the Boston Red Sox Captain and my favorite modern age player Jason Varitek

There isn’t a player this side of Derek Jeter that defines what a baseball player should be.  No one works harder at his craft or takes his role on the team as seriously as Tek.  While he doesn’t have the raw stats of a Hall-of-Famer, without him the Sox aren’t winning two world series.  There is no other catcher in the game that I want on my team and I still refer to how he plays the position to my young catchers I teach every season.

Both he and the Red Sox are lucky to have each other.  Boston fans should consider themselves lucky that they were able to watch him play for the past 15 seasons.  I know the team won’t be the same for me once he rides of into retirement.  Till then though, he will always have my undying respect and gratitude for who he is, the player he is and what he does for my team.


One Response to “Man Behind the Mask”

  1. A fantastic article on my fave Sox. Thanks.

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