A Little Thrown Off

Was anyone else a tad off yesterday?  I was confused with this forgotten feeling I had.  For some obscure reason, mother nature decided to give us normal spring weather.  It was really strange.  I mean the sun was shining, the birds were out, I was able to wear shorts and the leaves started to pop out.  It was as it was late April or something.  Hell, I’ll take some clouds and a little rain if the temps are in the high 60’s and low 70’s.  I’ll even take a little breeze as long as it’s not the 30 mph gusts we had to deal with on Thursday.  We were stuck playing a baseball game and it was by far the worst conditions I have ever played in.  Fly balls were moving 30-45 feet off course.  Playing the outfield was a nearly impossible task.  This week though it finally looks like we may be turning a corner.  It can’t come a moment to soon.  really looking forward to opening up the windows and airing out the house a bit.

Yesterday was one of those days that the sporting gods look down upon us and give us some great stuff.  Being able to jump back and forth  between the suddenly surging Red Sox and the Celtics beat down of the Knicks was just great TV.  I think the Celts have proved to the league that yes, they are still as good as ever.  With or without Perkins, the big 4 are really good and can carry this team as far as they want to.  I still believe that 1-9 they are the most talented team in the NBA and now they are finding some chemistry……..UH OH NBA, watch out!!!!

How ’bout dem Sox?!??!  5 in a row, 5 of 6 on the left coast, winners of 8 of 9.  They are starting to look like everyone expected them to look like. Dice K has been great( finally), Lester and Beckett are at the top of their game and even lackey decided to show up for a start yesterday.  Just wait till Buchholz gets things going, ohhh boy what a staff.  Good to see Crawford finally get his stroke going, Ellsbury as well.  If this team can end April 4 or 5 games above .500, the rest of the AL should be shakin’ in their cleats.

Enjoy the warm weather this week, who knows how long it will last.


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