Phila a Bit Blue

A couple of really sad baseball stories to comment on this morning.

The first, the ugly demise of the Los Angeles Dodgers.  As of yesterday, MLB has taken control of the once-proud franchise.  Just a few years back Boston business man Frank McCourt bought the Dodgers promising to restore them to what they once were: LA’s biggest draw.  Over the past few years, the Lakers have catapulted past them in popularity and the Anaheim Angels had supplanted them as Southern Cali’s top baseball draw.  It started out so promising until the McCourts got themselves into a bitter divorce battle leaving the Dodgers as the kid stuck in the middle.  Now the owners are near bankruptcy and the franchise is operating on a shoestring budget.  This organization, along with the NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Philadelphia Phillies and St. Louis Cardinals are the cornerstone franchises of Major League baseball.  It is an embarrassment to all involved that it had to come to this.  This is a proud franchise and fan base and this is a huge smudge on their stellar history.  I hope, for the sake of the game, that this is turned around in a quick and neat manner.

Now to something a little more light-hearted and slightly more embarrassing:

This UPenn engineering student designed this robot to throw a pitch.  When I heard this yesterday, I thought “Cool, a robot with arms and fingers that they programmed to throw like a human.”  Imagine the possibilities of such a break through.  Little did I realize that it was a catapult on an electric wheelchair.  C’mon now, that is what all the hype was for?  I’m glad the Philly fans booed that piece of crap.  The thing couldn’t even throw the ball 55 feet.  Last time i checked there was already a device out there that does something similar:  it’s called a pitching machine.  The worst thing is they used this to promote science day at Citizens Bank Park.  Yep, nothing better to inspire our young minds to go out and develop the next great cure or machine than a weak-armed rip-off of a previous invention. 

Jesus, even when Philly tries to do something good, they fail epicly.  Johnny 5 is rolling over in his grave.


2 Responses to “Phila a Bit Blue”

  1. right lets see you make a robot that does anything-hotshot!

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