Humpday Convo: What I Can't Leave Home Without

Everytime I leave the house I have 6 essential things with me. Keys (obviously), gum, phone, wallet, eye drops and chapstick. Out of all those, outside of keys, the one I can't do without is my chapstick followed closely by my drops. I hate dry lips. I hate cracked lips. Same with eyes, well I've never had cracked eyes, but dry ones (especially with contacts) are a huge pain. The other stuff I can do without but chapstick and eye drops are crucial.

I know that's weird but there has to be someone else out there who has something even stranger.

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5 Responses to “Humpday Convo: What I Can't Leave Home Without”

  1. wallet, phone, keys and chapstick. Here’s the weird part. I hate chapstick and hardly ever use it. So I think the chapstick that’s in my wallet, is the same one that I’ve had for the past 10 years (slight exaggeration).

  2. Glasses … can’t see without them so they are naturally a must have whenever I leave the house.
    I think you get your chapped lips aversion from your mother.

  3. phone, keys, chap stick, tooth picks, my knife, and my divot tool.

  4. What’s with all you guys and chapstick? For me it’s keys, purse, sunglasses, although, i might be prone to forgetting any of them at any given time.

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