Trump’s a Hump

Who honestly take this guy for real?  I think Donald Trumps hair has wrapped itself tightly around his brain and is strangling it. 

Does this guy want to be president or is he just doing this to get viewers to his show?  How can a normal thinking human still think that Obama’s is not an US born citizen.  Even the republican leaders have given up that fight yet Trump still beats that 3-yr-old drum.  I hope this isn’t his main campaign strategy or it will be a short run.  Wait, what am I saying?  Please Donald stick with that thought.  Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Seriously though, he can’t be the best option.  I think the last poll that came out of potential candidates, he had the highest numbers.  How sad is that.  Now I’m not saying that Obama has all the answers or has lived up to the hype but right now, he is the best option.  Lets remember that Trump did bankrupt a company and he himself was thisclose to filing himself.  He is a smart business man but he’d made the lions share of his worth in real estate.  Maybe that’s how he’ll get the US out of its financial hole, he’ll sell off states like Rhode Island, South Dakota, Idaho and some other territories to the highest bidder. 

I can see it now, open houses on Sundays as leaders check out Guam and the Virgin Islands to see if it’s a good buy or not.

OK that’s an extreme but trump’s candidacy should be taken seriously and this dude needs to be squashed.  What a laughing-stock we’d be if he sat in the Oval Office.

Finally, Yes it pisses me off that my company keeps feeding into this guy and gives him any outlet he wants to spout his idiocy.


One Response to “Trump’s a Hump”

  1. When you think of the origins of our government and the main idea of “government for the people, by the people…”, it becomes sad to see that only the wealthy are able to afford to run for public office. Trump is a business man. He is in the business of making money; specifically for himself. You can’t get that type of money without being greedy and on the boarder of thievery. A truly honest person doesn’t rip off their clients then brag about it. In spite of populist claims, Government is not a business – it is a service organization. Are we really to believe that Trump and other business tycoons have a sudden need to help mankind through public service? I’m not buying it. But…the american masses have continued to prove themselves to be asses time and time again. Oh look, a shiny object.

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