Drawing a Blank

Well it’s Friday and I got very little to offer today.  I’m in no mood to offer insight or argue or fight.  It is nice outside which is a plus but I am flying solo this weekend which kinda blows.  Have a couple of games coming up over the next few days and man oh man do we gotta win both of them.  It’s gonna be a tough task though.

Just got great news that the Red Sox have signed Adrian Gonzales to a 7 year 154 million dollar deal.  Yeah.  Sorry, I would be more excited if the Sox had a few more wins.  On the plus side they didn’t lose the past two days ;)!!  Just so you know Sox, a win tonight would be sweet.  I would love to sit back on my couch with a steak and a beer and watch a little ass whoopin.  The 1st part I can handle on my own, I need you guys to take care of the 2nd part thanks.

Thinking maybe the rain this weekend can hold out so I can get 27, if not 36 holes of golf in.  Sounds like a stretch but I am staying optimistic.  I am very happy I have fallen back in love with the game.  It’s fun again.  A couple of years ago I was as close as ever to giving it up.  last summer I was up and down on it but this year I have a refound love for the game.  With a little more work on my game, I feel this could be my best spring/summer of play in a while.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  To liven it up, here’s a little of my favorite song to kick things off:


One Response to “Drawing a Blank”

  1. Sorry to learn of your team’s loss yesterday. Tried to get to the game but …
    BTW, I knew you would not give up golf.

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