Humpday Convo: Your List

Whether it is sanctioned by your partner or not everyone has a list.  You know the one that lists your top-5 famous people who you are allowed to cheat on your significant other if the opportunity arises.  Friends made this practice a focus of an episode.   

So today I want to know your list.  Who are your “freebies?”  I want to state that by no means does Nikki approve or validate my list but I have one regardless in case she has a brief nano-second of weakness.

So, without further ado:

#5) Giada De Laurentiis

#4) Jaime Lynn Sigler

#3) Charlize Theron

#2) Natalie Portman

#1) Jewel

Well I’m sure this will set off a minor firestorm but that’s fine.  Makes for a good topic. 

Your turn.


3 Responses to “Humpday Convo: Your List”

  1. Not like i’m surprised at all by the list, but I wouldn’t count on any nano second of weakness….!!!!!

  2. You’re out of your mind. You know that, right?

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