This One’s on Me

I am truly sorry for the way the Boston Red Sox have started the season.  Don’t blame the players, coaches or front office, it is entirely my fault.  I can’t believe I let it go so long.  i was sitting there watching in disbelief as much as the next guy, never realizing that I had the power to change it all along. 

I am disgusted with myself over this.  Luckily I came to me senses early and have rectified the situation early enough to get the season back on track.  Don’t know yet what I’m talking about, well this photo holds the key:

You see it yet???  Let me give you a hint: it’s green.  Ya got it? 

That’s right, the little man in the lower right hand corner is Wally.  For the past 6 seasons or though Wally has sat in a place of distinction every baseball season, right next to the TV.  Last night, it hit me that Wally had not been unpacked and put in his usual spot.  This led to a ten minute frantic search through a number of boxes trying to locate Walter.  I even had Avery looking with me ( I think she got that I was desperate! )  Once found, I placed Wally in his normal spot and all seemed right again. 

Now this is no joke: as soon as Wally plopped down on his throne, Jon Lester struck out the next hitter.  Next inning, 1st batter Darnell McDonald hit a homer and then Lester struck out the side his next inning.  I shit you not, that was the timing.  Even Nikki looked at me and said “OK, that’s just to weird and creepy to be circumstance.”  Therein lies the power of Walter.  Don’t let that cute little smile full you, he is a powerful stuffed green monster.  Sox fans are well aware of his legendary powers

Now, I know the Sox lost last night.  After the initial blast of great karma, there can be a bit of a lull but I promise you the worst is behind us Red Sox fans and the future never looked so good.

All thanks to a stuffed monster returning home.


3 Responses to “This One’s on Me”

  1. Avery shoudl rub Wally’s head to try to beef up the karma. Something … anything … to get them out of their doldrums.

  2. Sorry … should

  3. I LOVE WALTER!!!! I know, wrong Wally, but it still works. Imagine Heinshon and Remy doing a game together? My head would explode.

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