Say What You Want

Manny Ramirez, regardless of his transgressions, is still one of my favorite Red Sox of all time.  Was I blown over by his retirement announcement on Friday, not really.  Was I shocked that he tested positive for PED’s a second time, nope.  The man has an ego and he wasn’t performing at his normal level so he was trying all he could do to regain those heights.  Legal or not.  It has been a sad demise for the man once the most feared hitter in the game.  He was aloof but when he was on, oh boy could he dominate the game. 

Now the question will linger: Is Manny a Hall of Famer?  I think the 2nd positive test will keep him on the outside looking in.  I believe voters will overlook many of the players with one offense.  They’ll realize that during the 90’s into the early 2000’s steroids were the norm.  If you wanted to keep up, you needed to dope up.  Does it make it right, no,  but were all entertained.  Therefore I can see “one-time” offenders eventually getting elected.  If you are stupid enough to get caught twice though, black-balled is your curse.

No matter what has or will happen you can’t take away our memories, both good and bad, that ManRam gave Sox fans.  We were given two World Series titles with him in left field.  Two more than Ted Williams, Yaz and Rice combined. 

This Red Sox fan says Thank You Manny.  No one can ever take away those memorable 7 1/2 years.  You will live on forever in the hearts and minds of all Sox fans.  Enjoy your retirement.

For you viewing pleasure, enjoy this clip from YouTube (just ignore the music):


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