Dear Red Sox Fans,

I know things look bleak now, but as the saying goes “It’s always darkest before the dawn.”  You have every right in the world to be angry, discouraged, nervous, bitter, unsatisfied, disheartened, frustrated or any adjective you might describe yourself with.  0-6 is not the way anyone envisioned to the start of this season.  Everyone from John Henry down to the assistant to the traveling secretary are probably feeling the same way as you.  I get it.  Me personally have not reached defcon-5 level panic yet but a win soon would be nice.

Yes, this is the most talented team the Red Sox have ever put on a field.  Let’s put things in perspective though.  The sweep in Texas was not as bad as one might think, remember they are the AL champs.  Cleveland was a tad tougher to swallow but coming from the warmth of FLA and Texas to the bitter cold of Lake Erie could not have been an easy or fun adjustment.  Yesterdays game was winnable but again, they’ve been away from home for so long I bet that was on their minds a little.  I know, these are professional athletes and excuses like these are weak but they are real.  These guys aren’t robots they’re human beings and like the rest of us, they have bad days and weeks.  It just so happened that they all occurred this week.

Today though, retribution is at hand.  It is the home opener at America’s Favorite Ballpark and nothing wipes the dirty taste out of your mouth like a bright sunny day at Fenway Park.  Now, I know that fans 1st reaction would be to boo this team but I beg you to not be those guys.  The team nows they played like crap.  Titi knows that his players have laid six straight eggs.  They don’t need their fans to pile on.  What they need is the unwavering support of the best fans in baseball.  Every starter needs to get a standing “o”.  The place needs to be hopping.  We must rally together and take on an “us against the world” mentality.  We are all in this together.  This team is a laughing-stock.  Us fans are being ridiculed.  This is not the time to show division in the ranks.

I promise that in a few weeks this start will be a distant memory.  Something we can look back on and laugh.    Don’t you want to say “Hey, I was behind this team through the worst of times and now the best of times is that much sweeter.”?  That is the mentality I am taking.  I’m not in a panic.  No worries here.  The only thing that concerns me now is beating the hated Yankees this weekend.  Nothing like a three-day whooping of the Bronx Bombers to turn a season around.

Now, if they go 0-9……..

Nah, screw that, no way that’s happening.

LETS GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Dear Red Sox Fans,”

  1. the more we lose now, the sweeter the comeback is gonna be

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