Humpday Convo: If I Could Have Dinner Anywhere…


Well, since I haven’t been everywhere in the world, I will have to limit my responses to places I have been. I could go outside the box, but I want to make sure I eat at a restaurant that I know I will enjoy. So, with that said, my choice would be Emeril’s in New Orleans and my dining party would be Nikki. Love the restaurant and love the city. I would order the andouille sausage app, the gumbo of the day, the truffled gulf shrimp salad and the cowboy ribeye. For dessert, the chocolate peanut butter pie. I’ll take a gin and tonic for my 1st drink, a great bottle of red wine for dinner and a glass of great irish whiskey or scotch for dessert.

Your turn.

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3 Responses to “Humpday Convo: If I Could Have Dinner Anywhere…”

  1. I have to go with 3 restaurants within a 2 block radius. We’re off to Pt. Judith and Charlie O’s for a few ‘Gansetts while watching a Sox game. Dinner takes us to the patio at Spain. Manda for paella, me for chorizo and a steak. Then it’s off to the patio at George’s to watch the sun set while eating mussels and drinking a few more ‘Gansetts. How long until vacation?

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