Are You Kidding Me??!!

Excuse me for a sec as I wipe egg from my face……………..

There I think i got it all.  Wow, what a remarkable run by Calhoun and his Huskies.  Without a doubt the greatest coaching job of his career and it seems like these kids brought out a part of the ol’ crabby coach that we hadn’t seen in a long time.  He was jovial, engaging, happy and pleasant.  Pretty much the anti-Calhoun.  I think this team brought the joy of coaching back out of him and I also and a firm believer that Kevin Ollie has been a huge asset to him as well.

Back to the team though, this has been one of the more entertaining groups of players I can remember watching.  I’ll put the 1999 team and the 1990 team ahead of this group as faves but not by much.  As great as Kemba was, his alpha dog status enabled all the younger guys to mature during the season.  As the season progressed you could see these kids growing every single game.  By the time the tourneys rolled around, these kids were ready to step it up.  Kemba was still Kemba, but the emergence of Lamb and Napier were just as big of reason as Walker in this unreal run.

The great thing, this team should be great for another year or two.  Yes Kemba is leaving (or is he???) but Lamb, Smith, Napier and Oriakhi are primed and ready to lead this team in 2011-12.  I still think Calhoun doesn’t have a lot of years left on the bench but I do believe he has found his successor in Kevin Ollie.

Thank You Huskies for a great March.   

Here now, everyone’s fave: One Shining Moment.


One Response to “Are You Kidding Me??!!”

  1. Peter Olsen Says:

    As much as I’ve enjoyed all the succesful Husky teams of the past I had more fun watching this team this year then any other years previous. We watched a great player and leader in Kemba who made many magical shots and buzzer beaters throughout the season, who will ever forget the ankle breaker he put on that moose from Pitt at the buzzer during the big east tourney (big tree fall hard), or against Villanova and Texas at the buzzer. We watched a team that actually had fun playing in which some of that good nature rubbed off on a HOF coach who was suffering through NCAA sanctions and personal losses in his life. And to see them win the big east tourney 5 games in 5 days and continue to win throughout the big dance. Its been an unbelievable epic run and being able to enjoy it with my son has made it a memory that we will never forget.

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