One Thing

As we all sit here and celebrate mourn the Huskies women not-surprising loss last night, (do you know how hard it is to beat a team four times in a season?!?!?  Any idea??  The best bet would have been to let Notre Dame win the Big East but noooooo you had to try to do it all didn’t you?  Now look at ya, simply a footnote on the 2010-11 season) one thing should be on our minds today.

No, not the fact that the Baltimore Orioles are 1st in the AL East or that the Red Sox are coming off a historic beatdown by the Texas Rangers.

No, not the slow warm-up we will see as buds and flowers start to bloom.

No, not that I beat my brother in golf for the 1st time in years ( OK, that’s just me)

Nope the only thing we should focus on today is this:

and remember how much we enjoyed watchin’ this dude ball:

Let’s Go Huskies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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