I’m With Ya Geno

OK, so I never imagined I would type those words, but in this case he is 100% correct.  Here is the Huskies Women’s coach Tuesday night going off on the team’s fans.

Normally I think that Auriemma is a pompous, self-centered jerk but in this case he has perfectly nailed down this teams fan base.  Now, there are fans of the team that are actually real sport fans and now how to deal with their team winning and losing.  A good majority are just fans of this particular team and nothing else.  they tend to think it is their right to have a team that wins all the time.  They are awful winners because they have become so desensitized.  Winning to them is a daily thing and the games are never close.  They have no flippin idea that this is a juggernaut of a team with a once-in-a-lifetime player leading them.  (let’s be honest here, Maya Moore is hands down the greatest women’s college basketball player ever)  This is so far from the norm it’s a joke. 

A few got a wake-up call when the team barely beat Baylor early in the season and some were still upset that they lost to Stamford and the streak came to an end.  Really?!?!??!?!  How can anyone be upset about a 90 game winning streak coming to an end?  C’mon you hadn’ t lost in like 2 1/2 seasons!  How goddamn spoiled are you?????

Anyway, Geno’s right.  Take the opening round of the tournament away from Storrs.  Maybe make the fans miss the team a little.  Yo never know what you have till it’s taken away I believe is the saying. 

I think that Geno’s message was dead on but he could have delivered it a tad better. 

OK, I think that’s long enough spent on women’s basketball.  Any longer and I’d have my man card suspended 🙂


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