Humpday Convo: A Wild Animal Encounter

I am sure we have all had some sorta run-in with a wild creature. Here is mine and I would love to hear about yours.


This is a classic story. It involves an early morning, a horse farm and an Australian import.

It was an early Sunday morning and I was in charge of feeding a neighbor’s horses every day while they were on vacation. The day before we had heard reports of escaped Emu’s from another farm. My mom told me to keep an eye out because they could gather on our friends farm. I think I just shoo-shooed away her thought. I mean what could my mom know about the migrating patterns of an Emu. Well, that next morning, early on a SUnday, I was out feeding the horses. Mind you I was a tad under the weather, yeah that’s the ticket.

So there I was, feeding the horses when all of a sudden I felt this strange feeling come over me. Almost like someone or something was watching me. Now mind you I was uh, not feeling great, so I slowly raised my head and turned around to just make sure I wasn’t entirely crazy.

Now of all the things that could have been there staring back at me, an Emu would have been at the bottom of my list. A deer, horse, dog, random vagrant anything but a six-foot tall bird. Well, much to my surprise, I turned to see a six-foot tall bird staring back at me. Head slightly cocked almost as saying “what the hell you doing inside this fence, mate?” remember, it’s from Australia. So there we stood, two six-foot tall flightless creatures amidst the early morning fog, staring at each other blankly most likely wondering the same thing.

So naturally I did what any right-thinking american would do: I took off after it. Now mind you, this bird was probably much stronger than I and as I will soon find much, much faster. Nevermind the fact that I had no idea what I would do with this bird if I ever caught it.

That would not be an issue. As soon as I took off after it, the think turned and was off like a shot. Long, graceful, powerful strides carried this big-ass bird over the landscape. In a matter of seconds it was well clear of me, bounded a huge stonewall and a road, never breaking stride. I continued after it for a few yards and quickly gave up the chase.

I finished feeding the horses, who were probably really entertained by this whole episode, came home and regaled my parents with my outbackish encounter. We contacted the proper authorities and the Emu’s were returned to their rightful spot.

So that’s my encounter with a wild animal and frankly one of my favorite stories ever.

Your turn.

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One Response to “Humpday Convo: A Wild Animal Encounter”

  1. The visual … two 6-ft tall flightless creatures staring at each other. Priceless!

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