It’s Maddening

I don’t know if anyone else has filled out there brackets yet.  I just did mine and for some reason they were harder this year then in years past.

Usually, I can blow right through and feel real confident in my picks.  I always find myself near the top of the standings.  This year I feel is a total crapshoot.  IMO there are 13 teams that you can seriously argue have a chance to win the whole thing.  13!!!  That’s about 20% of the entire field! That’s Charlie Sheen crazy.

I’ve seen most of the teams play and I am still playing favorites to the Big East.  I firmly believe they are head and shoulders above everyone other league and only a handful of teams can stand up to them.  Hell, UConn hasn’t lost a game outside the conference this year.  SO of course, my brackets lean heavily toward them.  I have Notre Dame, Pitt, Syracuse and UConn all in my elite eight.  Yah, I know it’s pretty chalk but I figure in a year that is soooo wide open, the favorites will sort themselves out and find their way to the top. 

That doesn’t mean I’m not picking upsets.  I have two 12’s in the sweet 16 (Memphis and Utah St.), a 7 (Washington) and a 6 (Georgetown).  So a couple of cinderella’s which is the norm really.  I know the tourney has a great rep as a place for tons of huge upsets, But I think if you crunch the #’s, the favorites win about 80% of the time.

My final four is Ohio St (who I loved the entire year and think that Sullinger is future great pro), Duke, Notre Dame and call me a Jimmer-holic: BYU.  Only BYU because I hate the southeast side of the bracket.  It’s just brutal.  Such average teams and the potential for some huge upsets which probably means that all will go as scripted.

You know, the more I write, the better I feel about it.  I guess we’ll see how I feel after the weekend.  Good luck in your pontifications.

To get you in the mood, here is a clip of some of the greatest NCAA moments, played out by Lego figures:


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