Smells Like Spring

C’mon, you all know that odor.  It smelled like that this weekend a little.  Now, I can say spring un-officially officially starts today because my high school season begins with pitchers/catchers.  This is always one of my favorite days of the year.  Usually I start counting down sometime in January but I was so preoccupied with my basketball season.  It snuck up on me a bit.  Nevertheless I am no less excited about this season.  We have senior leadership at key positions and are really solid 1-11.  Our defense and hitting should carry us because we have some question marks on the hill.  I just can’t wait to see how this team will play out.  Our boys soccer team had double-digit wins and advanced to both the conference and state playoffs.  Our boys basketball did the same and were able to win a game in each.  Now, with a majority of those kids playing baseball, I will expect nothing less.

Since I am on topic, I came upon something this weekend that was really interesting so I thought I would share.  It’s a 20 minute film about the day in the life of the people behind the team at Fenway Park.  It’s worth the time to watch it.  Makes you appreciate all the work that goes into a baseball game at America’s favorite ballpark. 

Here’s the link:



One Response to “Smells Like Spring”

  1. Peter Olsen Says:

    This blog just got me excited for HR baseball. Great assesment, spot on! Big doctors appointment Thursday, cross your fingers!

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