Humpday Convo: Old vs. Young

This idea came courtesy of Deadspin

Who would win in a battle of your choosing:  Young You or Old You?

If you had the chance to go pack in time and battle the younger you in wits, sports, music, hand-hand combat, beer pong, flip cup etc who would prevail?

I guess it stems back to the classic argument of  brain vs. brawn.  I’m assuming that the younger you was in better shape (if not, than kudos to ya) but right now you are smarter than you were (if not, well, sorry.)  If I could I would go back and challenge my younger self in baseball.  I feel now I am a much better player than I was.  I know the game much more now than I did 15 years ago.  The same about other sports but I feel I was a better athlete than.  I wa a better basketball player and a much better golfer.  Baseball though, like a fine wine, I have become better with age. 

Beer pong is a whole different story.  Even though I think I can drink like I was back at 165, my body quickly reminds me that I am a 33-yr-old father. 

Okay, 20’s Hendu you win that one.

Your turn.


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