Game Time

Tonight, we (Hale-Ray boys basketball) opens up the 2011 Class S basketball tournament at home.  We had a really good season that resulted in 13 regular season wins and a 11 seed.  We were able to win one game in the shoreline play-offs but this has been our main goal all year: making a run in the states.

Our 1st round match-up couldn’t be tougher.  You would think a team with 13 wins and a top-12 seed would get a good draw but we are rewarded with the right to play Old Lyme, our conference champion.  They went out and beat the top three seeds in the shoreline(Hyde, Cromwell and Valley) to get their championship.  Great, what a reward.

At least we know how tough they are and we beat them earlier in the year at home.  Will it be tough, damn right but we wouldn’t want it any other way.  In our minds we’ve worked to damn hard for us to be one-n-done.  They got their rings, now it’s time for us to earn ours. 

We are expecting close to 500 people packed in our little gym.  500 loud and raucous fans making it a great environment.  All season our kids have prided themselves on being the best student section in the conference and if they want to secure that title, they better come out in droves tonight.  They better be there early and better be ready to be vocal.  We need them as our sixth man tonight.  We need them to pick their game up a notch to unfound heights just like they expect of our basketball team.

I love pro and college sports but there is something truly special about a big high school game in a tiny gym.  It reminds you what makes competition so great.  You have kids cheering on friends that they have been with since kindergarten.  They have this life-long bond of growing up in the same small town.  It’s that kind of student/athlete bond that can raise our team to the next level. 

I can’t wait for the game to start.  It’s been a great journey so far and none of us associated with it are ready for it to end. 

SO, if you are coming, get there early.  Game starts at 7, tickets go on sale at 5:30 and we expect the gym to be packed by 6:30.  We can only hold about 500 so if you are late, you are getting turned around, ne exceptions.

If you can’t make it, send us some good vibes.  Any extra oomph can’t hurt.

One last thing:

Let’s Go Noises!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 p.s. if you want in game updates and can’t be there follow me on twitter @hendu11


2 Responses to “Game Time”

  1. Peter Olsen Says:

    Great blog. As you know I am partial to this team. I’m not sure if you heard but the big guy had a scare yesterday but should be able to “do work” tonight.
    Your right it’s going to be a special night for the players, students, families and fans, its been 5 years since the boys have qualified for states and I’m sure none of us want to see it end tonight.
    I know I’m already feeling the adrenaline and its only 1pm.
    Lets Go Noises!!!!!

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