Tourney Time

Yep, the time is upon us.  A week from today everyone from Key West to Nome will be pouring over their NCAA March Madness brackets.  They’ll be stressful times as we all try to figure what 12 seed will upset a 5 seed.  Which #1 will get knocked out the 1st weekend and who will make up our Final Four.  It really is a great three-week stretch of sports in America.

To get us in the mood for the madness, a couple of ESPN Radio personalities have come up with their own unique tournaments.  The 1st one ranks the best sport video games of all time  I love the 4 #1’s and my final four is NBA Jam, Tecmo Super Bowl, NHL ’94 and in a mild upset, Fight Night 4 with Tecmo Super Bowl beating NBA Jam in the finals.  My two favorite video games ever!!!

The big one though is taking place on The Herd’s homepage and involves the 64 greatest rock-n-roll bands of all-time.  Here is the breakdown and voting starts today

I really can’t argue with The Stones, Beatles, U2 and Zeppelin being #1’s I think the #2’s are weak.  The Eagles and Van Halen are seeded way to high.  I believe the Doors and the Who are your #2’s.  You can even make an argument for Pearl Jam, Aerosmith or even Metallica.  But, we gotta go with what the committee decided.  I already voted in the first round and I have a number of upsets.

My top one, out of spite only, os Foreigner over Nirvana.  I hate Nirvana.  Not a fan and think over the years their legend has outgrown what they actually were.  If they are a #2 and Dave Grohl was the talent behind them then shouldn’t Foo Fighters be in the tourney?  I picked the Smashing Pumpkins(very underrated) over Queen and Oasis over The Police(very overrated.)  I love Soundgarden beating the Eagles in another 2-15 matchup as well as Tool over Van Halen in the third huge 2-15 upset.  My other mild upset choices: Dave Matthews Band in a 13-5 upset against Bon Jovi(who I like, just like Dave more.)

My final eight bands are The Stones vs. Green Day in the Seattle Region with Green Day in a huge upset to get to the Final Four.  Led Zeppelin and the Doors in the Cleveland Region with Zeppelin rolling over the Lizard King.  In the New York region I have U2 and Pink Floyd with Bono and friends winning in a squeaker.  Finally, in the matchup of the tournament, out of the London Region:  #5 Pearl Jam vs. #6 Red Hot Chili Peppers.  My two favorite bands in a man0-e-mano rock war.  Can’t tell ya how much I would pay to see these two mega-bands face off on a rock-n-roll rumble.  In the end though I go with my heart over my head and pick RHCP to reach the final four.

So, I have two #6’s in Green Day and RHCP and two #1’s in Zeppelin and U2.

Not a bad concert huh?

Let me know what you think.  I loved this a lot more than I thought I would and I am sure there is enough room for debate.


3 Responses to “Tourney Time”

  1. How the hell can you have 311, The Jackson 5(last time i checked they were not a rock and roll band) and creed in this bracket, and no Alice in Chains? Its ridiculous.

  2. Forgot to mention huge omissions: Alice in chains, Bruce and estreet, ccr, staind, Foo fighters, Tom petty and heartbreakers

  3. well colin was about to leave stp of the list until dave talked him into it. Yeah he has some very strange bands on that list and some big omissions as you have pointed out.

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