Code of Honor

Many of you have heard about the BYU basketball player who was kicked off his team for breaking the school’s Honor Code.  I give credit to the school for standing behind their rules and not letting the promise of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity muddy their views.  Hell, the kid broke their rules and he should be punished.  Even more impressive, the kid felt so bad that he admitted that he had sex with his girlfriend to school officials.  I really can’t fault the whole process but what I don’t get is the Honor Code itself.

It’s obvious that the school is targeting such a miniscule population but still, they are still 18-22 year old kids.  can there be some leniency?  Really, no coffee or tea?  No swearing?  No facial hair?  No alcohol?  I wouldn’t even be allowed on campus.  I wonder if every kid that plays for BYU is Mormon?  Do non-Mormon go and are forced to convert?  Even if you don’t believe in the religious teachings, are you forced to partake in them?  Again I understand the punishment but I don’t get the rules.  Let the kids have a little of the normal college life. 

Plus, it would make for a better March Madness…..


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