What’s the Big Bloody Deal?

Can someone out there please explain to me what’s the big flippen’ deal with this wedding between William and Kate across the pond?

Why are people all in arms over this?  He’s in his thirties and balding and she’s just a regular girl from the country.  Honestly, she is pretty ordinary looking to add to it.  Are we supposed to be excited because they are the king and queen in waiting?  Does the monarchy even matter any more?  Aren’t they just one of the last ways the Brits can hold on to what they once were?  Also, why as Americans should we be excited about this, wasn’t their some big hullabaloo a few decades back that rid us of their rule?  I know these are a lot of questions but this is driving me nuts. 

While the Middle East is being turned up-side down and Wisconsin isthisclose to taking away workers rights, this stupid ass wedding gets national press.  You gives a flying F@#$ if the invitations are sent out.  I ain’t getting one.  None of the people I know are getting one and I am pretty sure no one you know is getting one so why all the excitement.

The worst thing is there is still two months of over-the-top-hype which I am sure will conclude with live coverage of the nuptials across all media platforms, including us.  Ugh, can’t wait for that day’s news. 

I wonder if the Queen has issues with this girl like she did Diana? 

That’s all I am saying…………..


One Response to “What’s the Big Bloody Deal?”

  1. Didn’t get an invite?

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