Lasting Memory

OK, in the aftermath of Super Bowl XLV, we’ll remember for a time that Green Bay beat Pittsburgh 31-25.  We all know that Aaron Rodgers was the MVP, but in a few months who’ll recall that.  Sure, some of the commercials will stay on our minds a bit longer because we’ll see ’em all over the boob tube.  In my humble opinion, I think there is one lasting image that will carry on well past the settling dust of the game itself:

Soak it in Yankee fans, that’s your third baseman getting fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz.  It’ rare seeing an actress lose all credibility as a human being live on TV, but last night it happened.  Why would anyone stoop so low to feed a grown man like that at a public event that only 150 million or so watch?  It was like a mama bird feeding her baby bird.  What A Rod can’t get his overpriced hands covered with a little butter?  Yep Yankee fans that’s your 3rd baseman, makes you proud don’t he.

On a related note, Jonathan Papelbon, Josh Beckett, Dustin Pedroia and Jared Saltalamacchia among other are either down in Ft. Myers early or are on their way to get a jumpstart on the season and to recover from injury. 

Tell me fans, what scenario you like better?

BTW, only 6 days till pitchers and catchers.


2 Responses to “Lasting Memory”

  1. This night was a complete flop for Diaz. First she sang one of the worst public performances of the National Anthem,-ever- (right up there with Rosane Barr) and now this. What’s next for her career, a crying television apology?

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