Shovel It!!

You know what I am sick of?  No, not the snow.  I’m just learning to live with it.  The thing I am sick of are the lazy-ass people who haven’t cleaned the snow from their properties  and the towns who haven’t finished plowing their own streets. 

Guys, it has been five days since the storm what in the hell you all been doing.  Really Portland, you have to cancel school because as a town you are too incompetent to clear your roads?  So since you can’t do your job the kids now have to take another day which will probably roll into at least one more this week?  What does the town have one plow?  I thought my town was bad but at leat all the roads are clear and passable. 

Also, while I’m in the ranting kinda mood, how can anyone not have their car clear off of city streets yet.  Some are still buried from the previous storm.  Here’s the thing, if you  haven’t needed your car for that long, then get it off the damn streets!!!  Or, just as good, get up and actually grab a shovel to help alleviate the problems.  We are getting more snow and the situation in our cities and towns is only going to get worse without the help of us citizens.  Maybe do a little more.  Go above and beyond just a bit to help everyone out.  Clear just a little more snow than what is on your property, like some of the roads.  Just do something for christ sake!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I hate dumb, lazy people.


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