What’s the other 65%?

We did a story this morning about some California families suing Taco Bell about what exactly is in their beef.  Now, that sentence alone should frighten you.  Shouldn’t the only thing in beef be beef?  Well, if you run to the border, only 35% of their beef is actual beef.  Now you know why you only rent Taco Bell food.  So you ask, what else constitutes their “beef”.  Well, it is a combo of water, soy products, modified corn starch and an anti-dusting agent.  The anti-dusting  agent is used to increase shelf life. Great so not only are you eating “beef” but you also have no idea how long it’s been around. 

This is one reason I gave up fast-food 6 1/2 years ago.  Yep, that’s right not a bite of anything from Arby’s to Whattaburger and everything in between.

Makes you wonder how other restaurants fill their product like nuggets, filet of fish, rib sandwiches and the like.  Well, eat up and enjoy your lunch.


3 Responses to “What’s the other 65%?”

  1. Ummm, 5-Guys is fast food.

    • No, it’s good food fast. Nothing is pre-frozen. Burgers and fries are made there. that’s like calling subway or dangelos fast food. There is a difference.

  2. It is still considered fast food.

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